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Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) Corporate Culture Project


These papers were published in the 1980's in Maynard, Mass. which was DEC's corporate headquarters.  When the DEC Corporate Culture Manual was sent to 20+ people inside the company they circulated it and >50,000 people downloaded it in 48 hours.  So many people ask for these papers I am making them available for you here.


DEC Corporate Culture Manual: http://www.wellsprg.com/DECCultureManual.en.html

DEC Corporate Culture HeroSpeak: http://www.wellsprg.com/DECHerospeak.en.html


 Techno-Coach is offering Leadership Lessons Interviews to companies to record the messages of their leaders / partners / customers for use in their marketing material or corporate culture. Initial interviews will be held with leaders chosen by the customer for interview.  Each interview / will be recorded and will last 30-60 minutes.  Stories will be recorded and transcribed by Reesa Abrams with care to make sure that all people / organizations are kept anonymous if appropriate.  The leader being interviewed and the customer will have the opportunity to select quotes and take credit for saying them.  These stories will be posted to inspire others on the customer or WellSpring Associates website as part of a blog on Leadership.


“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” ― Stephen Covey
“Self-trust is the first secret of success.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson





 Budo from Aikido Does Not Always Happen on the Mat

Some people take martial arts for the exercise and the training in how to handle aggressive behavior.  Masakatsu Agatsu – True Victory is Self-Victory.  Click Here


Working Successfully with Stakeholders
Everyone has people in their life who are affected by the choices, success, and failures we experience.  These are called, Stakeholders. The first Stakeholder in your life is you.  After that you have your family / friends / mentors and advisors.   Click Here


Using Aikido as Physical Therapy



n May, 1995 I woke up from a 13 day coma. I was told that they did not know exactly what was wrong with me. It seemed that as I was getting older I was getting progressively more ill. I could never hold onto physical fitness. Now I was an asthmatic.  Click Here



Leadership Lessons Santa Cruz:
Interview: Jeremy Neuner 



“I have the privilege of leading a team of 35 talented, passionate people who are accelerating a once-in-a-century shift in how, where, and why we work. At NextSpace, we work hard and we play hard. And along the way, we just might be changing the world.  Click Here




Leadership Lessons Santa Cruz:
Interview: Sean Patrick Tario


You know you are a leader in this community – what does it mean to you?  I am a leader by choice I guess, where as some people fall into the position and roll with it or run from it. When I was young I felt a call to be an example of change for others around me  Click Here



Santa Cruz Leadership Lessons



“I look for the positive out my experiences not the negative. I see every difficulty as an opportunity and something that can be solved. Some people take stress into their core and it becomes family and or personal stress.  I believe “This too shall pass.  Click Here




Aikido Works
Today, March 17, 2009, I have a 10:30 am appointment at LuLu Carpenter’s coffee shop by the Museum of Art and History on Cooper Street in Santa Cruz, California and I am waiting outside for the person I have agreed to meet. I am dressed up for a meeting later in the day and so I do not look like a local.  Click Here

Life Changing Events: How I Became a Computer Professional
             How many people do you know who got as their first job to work on Apollo 8, 9 and 10 in Mission Control at NASA in Houston?  Two teachers; my high school math teacher and the UT Austin Professor Diva provided me with positive experiences that focused my life.  After that I have had a wonderful computer science career.  These two teachers taught me how to stay focused through difficulty, never give up, to find my path and make my contribution. They also taught me the importance of compassion and mentoring as opposed to judgment.  I am grateful.

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