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Stress & Pain Managementwith positive side effects
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WellSpring Customer Testimonials

Dear Xander, Reesa and Romeo,
Your presentation was so valuable.  Lucky for us all, our members take fabulous notes and sent them to all who missed your group. Your points really hit me where I live.  Thanks so much. I love to smile, but am prone to blaming (not good!).  Learning new responses is on my agenda for personal change, thanks to your clear outline.  Thank you for your clear thoughts.

I want to thank you for everything you have helped me by giving me the tools to deal with my mom's passing, and being able to handle being a father and a husband.  My fear was that on the anniversary of my mom's passing I would be a mess.  I used the tools and kept in mind what I wanted the end result to be after that day came and went. I got through it and was amazed at how well I did!  I am very happy at how I handled it. Thank you again for everything.

Dear Xander (and Romeo),

I can't thank you enough for volunteering your time to come and speak to my group. I had so many good responses to your presentation. You really have a wonderful calming presence and kind spirit that comes through.  We are lucky to have you in our community.

Dr. Abrams is a tremendously compassionate, experienced, and effective therapist. I knew I was in good hands from our first session, and am living the benefits of our work together each and every day.

Xander changed my life! He offered numerous tools through mindfulness and cognitive behavior to assist me in managing debilitating chronic health conditions. I highly recommend him to everyone.

During the holiday season 2014/2015 I attended a workshop conducted by Xander Abrams at NextSpace Santa Cruz where I am a member, (RE: Entrepreneur Pain/Stress Management with Positive Side Effects).
Having been involved in tech startups since 2000, I was especially aware of the kind of problems that manifest during the exciting...and frightening...gestation of bringing into the world something that means so much and demands so much that we can easily lose our balance...or worse...along the way. 
I have a history of anxiety manifested in the form of panic attacks and depression. My first depressive episode occurred when I was 17 and in the last 10 years I have had periods where I struggled with depression and anxiety. I have benefitted from both EBT and Mindfulness meditation and am always looking for effective tools that employ these therapies. 
Having become acquainted with Reesa as a member of NextSpace, I decided to attend the workshop there. I am always looking for good tools to manage my mood and to find my way through personal/work related challenges that are part of the high-risk/high-reward world of the entrepreneur.
To be brief, I came away from the workshop with some new and useful tools that incorporate simple step-by-step processes that help me to recognize when I need to stop and be present and aware of where I am mentally/emotionally and in real time; as when events trigger automatic habitual thoughts of "doom and gloom".  
Techniques such as PBS (Posture, Breath, Smile) and ABC (Activity--activating event; Belief--automatic thought; Consequence--resulting action) are two of the tools I found very helpful in remaining aware and yet calm when confronted with disappointment and other difficulties. 
Xander introduced these tools in a way that was understandable and he listened closely to my responses, being sure to give feedback that supported me and giving me time to get comfortable with them in the intervals between sessions. I was very grateful to be able to add these, and the other, new tools to my tool kit.  I came away feeing grateful and empowered.  
Thanks, Xander! These are tools than have become handy as well as dandy!
Santa Cruz Entrepreneur / Inventor
Through the recommendation of a friend I was referred to Dr. Xander.  I am so very, very thankful for he truly does teach in a way that each patient can learn, and  I am proof. I'm a kinesthetic and visual person and in the past I've have a couple of therapists who didn't teach but spoke at me and I really had no take-away learnings from those mediocre experiences. I assumed having a therapist was simply not for me, but I was wrong. Dr. X is not your average pandering therapist that will coddle you, if you want that then go somewhere else, but if you want real results and willing to do the work and open to learn then you should see him. He has many life experience examples and I found his sense of humor quirky and funny. He's an intelligent man drawing multiple references and injecting gentle humor at times, he's amusing but he is very direct and so be prepared to learn.  I feel a lot better dealing with past memories that were reoccurring and haunting me by taking way too much space in my present mind.  I feel better about being divorced, being an empty nester, lost job/ new career, new move and redefining who I am. Life happens and sometimes crappy things pile up but it's up to us to change-- I am so thankful that I found Dr. X and owe him much gratitude for the peace I've found in my heart with everything. Thank you, Dr. X, you are an awesome teacher; you are a 5 Star Gem of Santa Cruz!
Silicon Valley Marketing Manager


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