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Stress & Pain Managementwith positive side effects
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Wellspring - April 1, 2015

WellSpring Associates Ongoing Group and Individual Support

Pain / Stress Management with Positive Side Effects

Attitude is vital in dealing with stress. Manage your stress before it manages you. Learn approaches that are highly effective in reducing pain, promoting health issues, and transforming procrastination into action.

Some people are resilient in responding to crisis. The WellSpring toolbox educates and provides you with the skills you require to be a resilient person in crisis.

Join the ongoing WellSpring Associates Stress/Pain Management with Positive Side Effects Group.

The goal is to learn customized approaches to become Calm, Comfortable, Competent, Connected and ready for any Challenge.

Contact Xander @ 831-425-7067 or xander@wellsprg.com

Xander Abrams, Ph.D. helps people face life crises by recognizing their own wisdom, resources, and ability to exercise choice. He provides Psychotherapy and Coaching Services for Individuals, Families, Teams, and Organizations in Santa Cruz. You develop your own unique step by step program working toward your future goals while discovering inner resources you forgot you had. 
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