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Stress & Pain Managementwith positive side effects
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Wellspring - February 9, 2015


Your company / team members are currently experiencing stress. Murphy’s Law happens: “Whatever can go wrong will.” You find yourself having to solve multiple financial, personal and professional issues you were not trained to manage or expect. Yet some people seem to survive and get stronger from these events and others do not. How is it possible to get all the skills needed? Many of us turn to proven stress management practices only after the heat of burnout has already created a meltdown in our lives. By then the stress hormones are actively in play taking a negative effect on our mind, body, and performance.

Sponsor a Stress / Pain Management with Positive Side Effects Workshop for your organization Share your story with others and obtain guidance that can help you have positive results. If you respond to the stressor with thoughts and feelings based in fear, the result is a surge of stress creating a flight/fight response leading to burnout. Or you can respond to the stressor in a way that is relaxed, with a calm sense of being in control. Add to that a positive commitment to resolve your problem and plan your next step, and your stress effects will be minimum, as your life gets better and better.

What will happen in the Workshop: Build your team. Each person introduces themselves. Tell what is stressing you and tell a story of your strengths. After the introductions Xander Abrams, Ph.D. will deliver a small lecture on strategies and tools you can use to obtain positive side effects from stressful situations. Then there is opportunity for people to practice implementing these strategies in the workshop. The goal of this workshop is for you and your team to leave with tools to assist you in becoming Calm, Comfortable, Competent, Connected and ready for any Challenge.

DETAILS: This workshop is available for 4-8 people.

COST: For 4 people the workshop is delivered in 4 hours on your site for $500.00. For 8 people the workshop is delivered in a day on your site for $1000.00. Additionally, Xander offers follow-up individual sessions and a group at WellSpring Associates 700 Frederick Street office.

RESULTS: Each person “graduates” with their own personalized stress management program.

Send an email to xander@wellsprg.com to sign up

Xander Abrams, Ph.D. helps you face life crises by recognizing your own wisdom, resources, and ability to exercise choice. He provides Psychotherapy and Coaching Services for Individuals, Families, Teams and Organizations in Santa Cruz. You develop your own unique step by step program working toward your future goals while discovering inner resources you forgot you had.  
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