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Stress & Pain Managementwith positive side effects
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Who Benefits?

  • Relieve suffering from stress and / or pain as a result of an illness.
  • Manage predictable and unpredictable changes.
  • Renew your personal and professional relationships.
  • Optimize your communications skills organizationally or individually.
  • Have your thoughts, feelings and actions on the same team.

“ Xander provides suggestions and permission while enabling your inner resources to achieve and expand your possibilities. He helps you experience your choices of possibilities and offer ways to practice them in your life outside of the sessions. These possibilities are based upon your desires. The atmosphere is supportive while being non-critical and non-judgmental, giving you the opportunity, and resources to change the impossible to possible. YOU DO THE REST.”

Xander Abrams helps people face life crises by recognizing their own wisdom, resources and ability to exercise choice.

“"Dr. Abrams provides an array of invaluable counseling techniques to support our pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. He is simply the best."”

“"Dr. Abrams has helped me tremendously in dealing with depression, time management and decision making. I have worked with other therapists in the past but have not found someone as effective or intuitive. His approach is sincere, knowledgeable, present and straightforward. He has my highest recommendation."”

“"I went to Xander three years ago. Xander changed my life. Every session we had together was like an aikido match. There was mutual respect and much effort from his end. He isn’t a therapist that will just sit there and have little response. The way Xander responds to you is more of a meeting. He meets you there and sees you and to me, having him witness that with me, in a human way, was very healing." ”
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