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Stress & Pain Managementwith positive side effects
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Xander Abrams, Ph.D Services

Wellspring programs are oriented towards accomplishing future goals and building emotional intelligence with unique solutions for each individual.  NOW AVAILABLE FOR MEETINGS ON SKYPE

* You develop your own unique step by step program to manage yourself
* Discover inner resources you forgot you had
* Improve your communication skills with yourself and others.
* Enhance your medical treatment with mind/body techniques
* Manage your stress and pain by being in control.
* Improve your marriage, family, and team relationships.

“Xander has been an invaluable resource to my family during a very difficult time in our lives. Xander is very understanding and has great empathy.”

“What I like about Xander the most is that he provides tools and teaches me how to use them so that I can learn to take better care of myself”

Contact Xander for a service that meets your needs.

Individual, Family, or Organizational Consultations

Individualized Audio Recording – This audio recording program is for people who are suffering from a specific disease or ailment and want to use the Mind/Body connection to enhance their regular medical treatment. It also is effective for stress or pain management, relaxation and focus. Recordings are designed to enhance your strengths and can include any specific instructions germane to your situation.

Stress/Pain Management with Positive Side Effects Group – An experiential group meeting weekly in Santa Cruz at Xander’s office. A group setting serves to provide immediate a safe supportive and productive means to achieve your goals. See more details below.

On-Site Consultations are available. Xander Abrams is available for consultations at 700 Frederick Street #304 in Santa Cruz, Ca 95062. Special arrangements can be made for other locations and times.

Pain / Stress Management with Positive Side Effects for Individuals, Teams and Organizations

Many of us turn to proven stress management practices only after the heat of burnout has already created a meltdown in our lives. By then the stress hormones are actively in play taking a negative effect on our mind, body, and performance. Attitude is vital in dealing with stress. Learn to manage your stress before it manages you. These tools are highly effective in reducing pain, promoting health issues, transforming procrastination into action, etc as well.

You find yourself having to solve multiple financial, personal, physical health and professional issues you were not trained to manage or expect. Yet some people seem to survive and get stronger from these events and others do not. How is it possible to get all the skills needed?

Sponsor a workshop for your organization where you obtain guidance that can help you learn to respond to stress in a way that is productive, with a calm sense of being in control. Develop and practice a positive commitment to resolve your problems utilizing tools and a plan for your next step. As a result your stress effects will be minimal, as your life gets better and better.

What will happen in the workshop: Each person introduces themselves. After the introductions Xander Abrams delivers a small lecture on strategies and tools you can use to obtain positive side effects from stressful situations. Then there is opportunity for people to practice implementing these strategies in the workshop.

The goal of this workshop is for you and your team to leave with customized approaches to become Calm, Comfortable, Competent, Connected and ready for any Challenge. This workshop is available for 4-8 people either delivered on your site or ours. Individual coaching is also available. Each person “graduates” with their own personalized stress management program.

Send an email to xander@wellsprg.com to sign up

“Xander has been an invaluable resource to my family during a very difficult time in our lives. He related well to both corporate and family issues.”

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