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Stress & Pain Managementwith positive side effects
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Xander Abrams, PHD

Xander offers individual, marriage, group Counseling and Coaching including Training, Team building, Stress and Pain-management. WellSpring Associates is based in Santa Cruz, California

   Reesa Abrams, MA

 Techno-Coach, providing Coaching and Consulting services  in Leadership, Mentoring, Training,  and Education.


Romeo, Therapy Dog

Romeo is a loving standard poodle with full therapy certification. He works in Xander's practice, Schools, Senior Centers, Acute Care Facilities, Teen Residential Homes and anywhere else loving and patience is needed



Join a Stress Management Group with Positive Side Effects
Manage your stress before it manages you

Contact Xander to reserve your spot.  There are only a few seats.  

Xander Abrams, Ph.D. 
Dr. Abrams has created evidence based Cognative Behavioral / Mindfulness tools that help people face life crises by recognizing their own wisdom, resources, and the ability to exercise choice.

His mind/body approach to health utilizes relaxation and focus tools that you can learn.  You focus on what you can control to achieve your goals. These programs compliment the best medical treatment.

WellSpring model to manage stress and anger:

  • Acknowledge
  • Listen
  • Compassion
  • Strategy / Plan
  • Evaluate Success
  • Reward

Reesa Abrams, Techno* Coach
Coach, Learning Expert, Writer, Mentor and Speaker with a record of improving customer service, training, marketing & sales to deliver strategic solutions.








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